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Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles at Parking Lots

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Make your Parking Lot Friendly to Electric Cars - Generate New Revenue

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Hybrid Vehicle charging at a parking lot

As consumer interest in green technology continues to grow, the demand for charging stations for electric vehicles at parking lots will increase as well. For those who would like to tap into this relatively new market, it is important to know the facts about electric vehicles and the charging stations that will be needed to sustain them over time.

A Flourishing Market

According to information provided by Tech Republic, nearly 4 percent of all automotive sales in the U.S. alone in 2013 were attributed to electric vehicles. As time goes on, this number is likely to increase substantially as consumers continue to look for ways to save money and encourage environmentally responsible lifestyles.

Unrivaled Efficiency Requires Infrastructure

Although there are currently some 20,000 charging stations for electric vehicles at parking lots and other locations in just America- a sharp increase from recent years- the infrastructure needed to make charging electric cars more convenient is still lagging behind countries in Europe and Asia. Places like Toronto and other regions of Canada are beginning to develop more infrastructure as well, find an electric car charging station near you. Further incentives for investors to develop charging stations for electric vehicles at parking lots and other easily accessible locations is something that is somewhat lacking. However, because there is limited infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, investors may encounter minimal competition when development begins in earnest.

Electric Vehicles Are Becoming More Affordable

Along with tax incentives, the technology required to manufacture electric vehicles continues to become less expensive. This will lead to more affordable electric vehicles in America, making it much easier for individuals and families from a wide array of economic backgrounds to enjoy fuel-efficient, eco-friendly driving. As technology continues to evolve, those who are interested in building charging stations for electric vehicles in parking lots can expect a steady rise in customer traffic.

Increased Income for Parking Lots

Parking lots may generate modest income from individuals needing a place to safely leave their vehicles for work, but with the addition of charging stations, parking lot owners can potentially increase revenues substantially. In conjunction with a fee for parking, drivers can also have the opportunity to charge their vehicles throughout the day for a few bucks an hour. It is important to bear in mind that although electric car owners can charge their vehicles for free at home, finding a place to plug in on the road can often be a challenge. Providing this service at a reasonable price in at parking lot is an excellent way to earn some extra cash while also making it easier for eco-conscious drivers to continue reducing green house gas emissions.

Need Some Professional Help?

If you are the owner or operator of a Parking Lot in the Greater Toronto Area, get in touch with the B-Safe Electric team regarding your needs for design, installation and service of your EV Charging Stations. With years of experience servicing charging stations throughout the greater Toronto area, B-Safe Electric can ensure your charging stations are always operating at optimum efficiency. Call B-Safe Electric at (905) 872-7233 to get answers to any questions to may have, receive free quotes or simply get the best advice possible regarding charging stations for electric vehicles at parking lots.


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